Desprat – St. Verny

Desprat – St. Verny

Desprat – St. Verny is located in the Cotes d’Auvergne Appellation. The Auvergnat vineyards have a history expanding over one thousand years. The area has a long wine growing tradition dating back to the Roman and Gallic times. Since the beginning of the 1990’s, the wine production and the wine quality have increased. In 2011 the appellation was designated APO (Protected Designation of Origin).
The cellar continues to grow with the alliance between Desprat and St. Verny. This alliance increased the vineyard area and the production to further develop the value of the Auvergne wines.

Desprat – St. Verny


Puy de Dome
Le Pinot Noir will delight you with its beautiful deep color and notes of ripe red fruits—black cherries and blackberries. It has a
beautiful soil and full‐bodied persistence in the mouth. Serve with pasta dishes, grilled lamb, meat dishes, and cheeses. Drink slightly chilled. (13.5% Alc./Vol.)


Cotes de Auvergne
Le Chardonnay will delight you with its fresh mineral notes of flowers, white peaches and a hint of lemon. Serve with shellfish, salads, grilled fish or simply as an aperitif. Drink chilled. (13.5% Alc./Vol.)


Le Pinot Noir Rose has a beautiful, clear rose color. In the mouth, it is fresh and delicate with notes of cherries, strawberries and melon. Ideal for salads, grilled fish and chicken, pizza and Chinese food. Serve chilled. (13.5% Alc./Vol.)