Moletto Wines

‘Today the Moletto winery boasts a friendly team, which only a family can have, driven by enthusiasm and entrepreneurship, while remaining faithful at all times to our roots. These roots are embedded in the land and require dedication as well as care, passion and hard work. These roots are what we call “wine culture”, by which we mean they are a gift from the land to those who love, cherish and respect it.

A gift that the Stival family are happy to share with our friends, who are always welcome to the Motta di Livenza estate to visit the wine cellar and the vineyards.

And to sample together the aromas, the fascination and the culture of this centuries-old history.’
– taken from the Moletto website.

Sparkling Wines


Moletto Prosecco

Pale straw-yellow in color, this sparkling wine has a subtle and cleanly aromatic bouquet. Its taste is soft, fruity and lively.
A spumante that is both vivacious and full of character. Enjoy this wine either as an aperitif or at the end of a meal. It is a sparkling wine perfect for any occasion.

Moletto Dolce Amore

Moscato meets Prosecco – Love at first sight.
For some, Prosecco is a bit too dry and for others Moscato can be a bit too sweet. Combined, they make a blend that is hard for anyone to resist. This marriage of grapes will help any relationship you want to improve.

Still Wines


Moletto Pinot Grigio

This straw colored wine has set the standard for the line for the past two decades. It is a perfectly balanced crisp and fruity white wine.
You will find it difficult to find a better Pinot Grigio although you will find many that are more expensive.

Moletto Refosco

This deep ruby red wine with luminous violet reflections has a vinous and warm bouquet with intense red berry hints.
It has a blackberry and raspberry fruity taste; full and dry with a pleasingly elegant tannicity.
Ideally serve with braised meat, stews, and mature cheeses.

Moletto Cabernet Sauvignon Selecti

Moletto Raboso