The Legacy Lives On

Johnny Appleseed traveled across America spreading the good word of Applejack and how to grow “spitter” apples for distilling into brandy. George Washington wrote a letter to the Laird family requesting their recipe for their “cyder spirits.” Abraham Lincoln served Applejack at his saloon in Springfield, Illinois to fellow patrons. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was known to splash Applejack in his martinis and Manhattans. Lyndon B. Johnson gifted Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin with a case of our Applejack at the Glassboro Summit.

As America’s oldest family owned distiller, we’ve been revolutionizing the liquor industry for more than 300 years. Our spirits have been evolving for 10 generations, and while we love to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the hospitality sector, we will never forget our roots.

It is generally accepted that the first published reference to the term “cock tail” was in 1806 in the Balance and Columbian Repository and was defined as, “a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters.” There are many theories as to when the “cock tail” was referred to as the “Old Fashioned.”

Coincidentally, in the mid-1800s, Samuel Laird and his son Joseph Laird were the respective trainer and jockey of the most famous race mare of turf facing history - “Fashion.” In 1855 she became known as “Old Fashioned” when she foaled a filly to be named “Young Fashion.”

Perhaps the original Old Fashioned Cocktail was made with Samuel Laird’s spirit - Laird’s Applejack.

Laird & Company’s Premium, Pre-made Old Fashioned Cocktail
is crafted with our iconic Apple Brandy, aged 3 years, Angostura Bitters, sugar, and natural flavors. All you need to do is pour over ice, garnish with an orange peel, and spread the Laird’s love with your friends and family.

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