La Truffe Cognacs


When the Cabanne family arrived in the Charente, they first developed the vineyards and then the distillery. The vineyard and the distillery have continued to grow with each generation. The family’s vineyards now cover 75 hectares in the Petite Champagne and Fins Bois regions.

Today, Alex Cabanne, Cellar Master and manager of the family business, represents the fourth generation of distillers. It is one of the most important distilleries in the region with 15 stills.



– La Truffe XO – Petite Champagne

A wonderfully spicy XO with amazing fruit aromas such as mango and banana. This Cognac has been aged between 20 and 25 years, resulting in a sensory explosion with a luxuriously long finish.

The aging of the eaux-de-vie in cellars on the banks of the Charente gives this cognac exceptional     aromas and roundness.

A Petite Champagne XO Cognac composed of light and fine eaux-de-vie with a predominately spicy bouquet.



– La Truffe – VSOP – Petite Champagne

La Truffe VSOP Cognac is a subtle well-balanced, fruity    cognac of pale yellow color with golden hues.
Infused with distinctive flavors. Nothing like a classic Old Fashioned to bring out all the flavors found in this VSOP Cognac.
Floral and fruity, this well balanced VSOP offers notes of vine flower and lime blossom, hazelnut, almond and orange peel.





– La Truffe – VS

La Truffe VS is a well-balanced, fruity cognac of pale yellow color with golden hues.

The aromatic bouquet opens with citrus notes and hints of ginger, followed by cinnamon and prune. Creamy flow across the palate with supple oak giving structure and balance. Rich sweet finish.