Lazzaroni Black Caffe


From the liqueur tradition of the Paolo Lazzaroni family, Black Caffe` is a sweet aromatic liqueur dedicated to espresso coffee fans.  The classic way to enjoy Black Caffe` is chilled straight or over ice.

For something more elaborate you can use it as an ingredient in cocktails like the Espresso Martini or White Russian and on hot days to give an extra boost to cold or shaken coffee.

For dessert lovers, you pour it over ice cream or substitute Black Caffe` instead of espresso coffee in Tiramisu` or in any other dessert recipe.

Tasting notes:  Rich, flavorful liqueur with a characteristic aroma and taste, produced with natural coffee extract.  Drink it cold or on the rocks, a perfect base for top quality cocktails.

Alc. 27% by Vol/54 Proof