Lazzaroni Limoncello


This all natural Lazzaroni Limoncello is still made today according to a century old recipe – through the infusion of lemon peels into alcohol. This Italian liqueur is produced from fresh peels of the finest lemons in Italy with no added colorants. These lemons are selected for their well-balanced flavor.  (Alc. 26% by Vol.) Available in 750 ML, 1 Liter and 50 ML.

Original Use

Current Use
Ingredient in many cocktails
Craft cocktail mixology
Ingredient in fruit salads and fruit cakes

Reviews – 91 Points – International Review of Spirits – Gold Medal – Exceptional

Hazy golden yellow emerald color. Bright aromas and flavors of lemon zest and oil with a satiny, tangy, fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a warming, nuanced, long finish with notes of honey and lemon gelato. A sensationally vibrant and pure limoncello.”