Lazzaroni Sambuca


The original recipe from the 1800’s called the liqueur – Anisette. Today, Lazzaroni Sambuca is produced according to this old formulation. This liqueur is sweet, and velvety, thick and oily with intense and delicate flavors, with an alcohol content of not less than 38% Alc. by Vol. Lazzaroni Sambuca is transparent and colorless. Upon contact with the palate this liqueur remains smooth.

Original Use
After dinner liqueur

Current Use 
Ingredient in many cocktails
Traditionally added to coffee
Straight shots with coffee beans

Review – 93 Points – International Review of Spirits – Gold Medal – Exceptional

Star anise aromas have a hint of wild berry bush and a long, penetrating, and warming and pure star and wet mossy limestone finish. Great purity and dimension.”