Maple Pecan Gold


Aged, golden Canadian Whiskey with Maple and Pecan flavors are combined to create a libation any Judge would approve.

Delicious straight or over ice.

Below are several suggested cocktails for your enjoyment. (Alc. 35% by Vol.)

  • Approach the Bar

Barrister’s Maple Pecan Gold
Dash of bitters
Create cocktail in Rocks glass with ice
Garnish with Lazzaroni Amaretto Cherry

  • Case Dismissed

Barrister’s Maple Pecan Gold
Fresh lemon juice
Create cocktail in tumbler with ice
Garnish with lemon peel

  • Held Without Bail

Barrister’s Maple Pecan Gold
Ginger Ale
Create cocktail in a tall glass with ice
Garnish with cinnamon stick