Moletto Dolce Amore


                                                       Moscato meets Prosecco – Love at first sight.

For some, Prosecco is a bit too dry and for others Moscato can be a bit too sweet. Combined, they make a blend that is hard for anyone to resist. This marriage of grapes will help any relationship you want to improve.

Vinification:  It is produced according to the charmat method.

Sizes Available:  750 ml and 187 ml.

Alcohol:  10%

Color:  Brilliant straw-yellow tending towards golden with fine perlage.

Tasting notes:  On the nose simple notes of candied fruit, hints of aromatic herbs, then pineapple and plum. Sweet and soft taste, with fruity returns, discreet and slightly almond closure.

Serving Suggestions:  A sparkling wine to pair with pastries.

Ratings/Awards:  91 points – “Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2018 – Luca Maroni”