Moletto Glera – 20 Liter Keg


Moletto produces a sparkling Glera in a 20 liter keg. Glera is our most versatile wine and continues to be our fastest rising star. This sparkling wine shows frank and brilliant tones of pale straw yellow. Its bouquet is subtle, but well defined with a clear hint of fruit. A dry fruity taste, which is also cheerful, lively and full of character. The Glera grape is used in the production of the D.O.C. Prosecco. (Alc. 12% by Vol.)

The Moletto keg was designed with the environment in mind, and is recyclable. One Moletto 20 liter wine keg replaces 26.5 (750) ml bottles.

For additional information on wines in kegs see our “Keg Wine” section.