Moletto Oro Prosecco – Brut


Moletto Oro Prosecco has a fine perlage, delicate but typical aroma and is perfectly dry on the taste.
This Prosecco brut is both challenging and impressive especially when paired with shellfish and sashimi.

Appellation: DOC Treviso

Growing Region: Motta di Livenza – Treviso Province – Veneto Region
Soil: natural clay and limestone.
Age of vines: 13 to 38 years

Vinification:  The fermentation in stainless steel vats, using selected yeasts at controlled temperature.
This is followed by the sparkling process in pressurized tanks using the pas dose ‘Charmat method’.

Alcohol:  Alc. 11% by Vol.

Tasting notes
Color: Bright straw-colored.
Bouquet: Fruity bouquet of delicate yellow apple and pear, leads to the varietal aromatic traits.
Taste: Gentle to the taste, with crisp fruity hints accompanied by pleasant notes and light foaming
bubbles. Bright palate, dry, elegant with very fine and lively perlage.

Serving suggestions: Enjoy as an aperitif, with shellfish and fish meal.