Moletto Prosecco-Extra Dry

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Appellation:  Prosecco DOC Treviso
Type:  Extra Dry
Grape variety: Glera
Alcohol:  Alc. 12% by Vol.
Growing Region:  Motta di Livenza – Treviso
Province:  Veneto Region
Age of vines: 35/18/9 years

Vinification: The fermentation is done in stainless steel vats, using selected yeasts at a controlled temperature, followed by the sparkling process in pressurized tanks using the Charmat method.

Tasting notes
Color: Pale straw-yellow
Bouquet: This sparkling wine has a subtle and cleanly aromatic bouquet.
Taste: Soft, fruity and lively. A spumante that is both vivacious and full of character.
Serving suggestions: Moletto Prosecco makes an excellent aperitif. This sparkling wine is perfect for any occasion. Especially suited for any type of fish dish.

Available in 750 ml and 200 ml. (Alc. 12% by Vol.)
Also available in 20 Liter wine kegs.  See the wine keg section for more information.