Moletto Pinot Grigio


Moletto wines are made from estate grown grapes from the Piave and Lison-Pramaggiore DOC growing district. The white wines are light and crisp offering exceptional value while the red wines are even more impressive. The proven avility of the Moletto estate to produce quality wine in the traditional manner has enabled the Stival family to hand down wines of superior quality and elegance from father to son for three generations.

‘Today the Moletto winery boasts a friendly team, which only a family can have, driven by enthusiasm and entrepreneurship, while remaining faithful at all times to our roots. These roots are embedded in the land and require dedication as well as care, passion and hard work. These roots are what we call “wine culture”, by which we mean they are a gift from the land to those who love, cherish and respect it.”
– taken from the Moletto website.

Moletto Pinot Grigio is straw-yellow with light copper tint.  It is an intense and very fruity and floral wine that is perfectly balanced to the taste, dry, fresh, crispy, full of character.

Ideally served with rich hors d’oeuvres, soups, meat  and fish dishes. (Alc. By Vol. 12%)