Stival Winery

The family owned Stival Winery is located in the northeastern part of Italy in the Veneto Region. Being family owned and operated assures the wines high quality. Most wines competing at this price are produced by large corporations or co-operative growers where no one person oversees the quality of the product and puts his name on the bottle. Today’s market demands high quality at an affordable price. Stival Pinot Grigio delivers both.


The Veneto Region’s most popular grape, Pinot Grigio, makes this wine pleasant, crisp and very refreshing. A light straw yellow color with a characteristic bouquet of fruit and acacia blossoms. Light and dry, this wine is easy to drink on its own or with any lightly flavored dish.
(Alc. By Vol. 12%) Available in both 750 ML and 1.5 L.