– Tarquin’s Navy Gin


The Cornish Navy Gin is distilled with 12-hand selected botanicals including fresh citrus peel and hand picked violets. It’s distilled in small batches in four copper pot stills.


Appearance—Crystal clear just waiting to be poured.

Alcohol by Volume— 57%      Proof—114

Taste—Big, bold and beautifully balanced. An initial hit of warm, earthy spice with crisp     juniper. Fragrant coriander and rich cinnamon follow, with a bright hit of zesty orange    sherbet to round everything off.

Nose—Juniper on the nose with a hit of cracked black pepper. Hints of spiced cinnamon and coriander follow with notes of fresh, zesty citrus peel.

Finish—Very full bodied with a creamy feel. Spicy tingle to the front of the tongue. Superbly smooth, well integrated alcohol content. One to be savored—a real sipping gin.