Cherry Rocher


Cherry Rocher – Oldest French Distillery (coming Spring 2020)

Since 1705, Cherry Rocher established in the Rhone Valley, near the French Alps, has been recognized
for their quality liqueurs. From father to son, 8-generations have dedicated themselves to the art of distilling and blending and have been continuing the great tradition of liqueurs and spirits craft until day.

Since the 19th century, Cherry Rocher has cultivated its own vast orchard of 6,000 cherry trees in the heart of
France’s Ardèche region to make this liqueur. Eight hundred eighty-two pounds of cherries are needed to make
50 cases of Cherry Rocher. Made from Montmorency, Shatten Morell, Oblacinska sour cherries and Hedelfingen,
a sweet black variety, the company’s orchards ensure consistent quality.

This cherry liqueur is made from the blending of juices of four different cherry varieties.

Color:   Clear, deep cherry red

Taste:   Intense fresh cherry flavors with a complex mix of English Bakewell tart, black pepper and almonds

Overall: Rich, intense, honeyed, cherry fruit flavors balanced with spice. Cherry Rocher is traditionally served
as an aperitif, or after dinner neat. Also, try it as a modifier in cocktails or in desserts.